Marc Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook. He created it in his dorm room, while studying at Harvard. Americans have this habit of creating stuff in dorms or garages.

He has rather long eylashes. These are some of his declarations, taken from an article published in the TIME magazine of May 31, 2010.

"We're building a Web where the default is social"

"What people want isn't complete privacy. It isn't that they want secrecy. It's that they want control over what they share and what they don't"


These are some excerpts from the article:

"Facebook makes us smile, shudder, squeeze into photographs so we can see ourselves online later, fret when no one responds to our witty remarks, snicker over who got fat after high school, pause during weddings to update our relationship status to Married or codify a break up by setting our status back to Single. "

"Losing Facebook hurts. In 2008 my original Facebook account was shut down because I had created multiple Dan Fletchers using variants of the same e-mail adress, a Facebook no-no but an ingenious way to expand my power in the Mob Wars game on Facebook's site."

"Being excommunicated from Facebook today would be even more painful. For many people, it's a second home.Users share more than 25 billion pieces of information with Facebook each month"

"Some analysts estimate the privately held company will generate $1 billion in revenues in 2010."


And these are some of the responses of readers to questions about what Facebook means to them:

"What would life be without Facebook?

Answer: "Like the sky without stars". "It would be cold and dark."

Fill in the blanks in this sentence:

"On average I spend four hours a day on Facebook -more time than I spend outdoors."

When did you join Facebook and why?

"I joined a few years ago to spy on my kids, and then found I needed to be their friend."