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Information on this site is highly confidential. It is unlawful to copy, paste, copy and paste or toothpaste it.
Do not use this site if you are hypersensitive (allergic) to one or more of its components. If you find its content insulting or  if you are not its intended recipient, revisit until you get used to it.

Serious injury can occur while using this site, so please keep your sang-froid at first signs of wear. Keep clear of moving parts. Do not wear anything loose or dangling and, in case of doubt, do use a helmet. Get a medical exam before you start your visit and stop immediately if you feel dizzy, faint  or exhausted. As an extra precautionary measure, keep your seatbelt fastened until the end of your visit. Left luggage will be destroyed.

No clinical studies exist for the use of this site by pregnant women. Visiting while breast-feeding is also not recommended.

Do not rely on anything I say and always confirm the accuracy of the content of this site by contacting me.

I accept no responsibility for errors or malfunctions appearing in my site and the same goes for any psychological
problems you might experience after your visit. Be honest, you probably had them already before.
Although rarely, visitors are known to have experienced the following side effects after excessive use, misuse or abuse of  Multi kulti:

Brain damage
Housemaid's knee
Stammering and/or stuttering
Temporary blindness, deafness and dumbness, usually receding after confession
Pruritus (persisting itchiness with a weird name)
Serious impairment of mental faculties

In one case, pregnancy was reported, but  I remain skeptical on this one.

When contacting me, be aware that

-I only work on a PC, as opposed to an Apple computer
-the cleaning lady may have plugged  the network cable to the vacuum machine,again!
-I might get an "Error 15430", "Cannot display page", "Cannot find dll" orsimilar late-night, go-figure,  cannot-do-this-or-that message and thus be unable to respond
-my Software may not respond and or/crash "unexpectedly", ha!
-I might not be the intended recipient,
-In the highly improbable case that your message is after all  correctly displayed before I commit hara-kiri, I may not read it on time, or Ever for that matter, or understand it thoroughly (see side effects, mental impairment) or even partially.

Last but not least, in case your IQ has seen better days BEFORE visiting Multikulti and/or you had not already noticed, the views expressed in my site are my personal views and not yours, or the Vatican 's for that matter .

Send this disclaimer to 556,3 persons and something real good will happen to you and humanity in the next 3 days, ie your PC will become stable, you'll lose weight and wrinkles, terrorism and CO2 will disappear, Bill Gates will get a decent haircut, ozone will be replaced and petrol will not peak.
On the contrary, if you don't, you' ll get terrible flatulence the next time you watch Sex in the city. On your favorite sofa, with your brand new girl/boyfriend.