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Films played in the uTube page



Dancing through Harlem

Outhorse your mail in Iceland

British airways safety film, director s cut

Coffin dance

Dual use goods: Think safety, love kills!

El Teide and the moon...

Josephs machines. My alter ego

What an amazing artist! Rubens in Zaventem airport

COVID-19: when bad news keep falling relentlessly....

Oliver Astrologo, Japan.

What women look at...

Valentin Deluc and his amazing flights...

The app we've all been waitng for! Sinmo

British Airways safety precautions this time...

Brussels airlines, the new Mundial safety precautions!

TED, How lnguage shapes the way we think

Be Happy, it's an order!

Us, and them difficult partners

Des racines et des ailes, sur la Grèce

The agoraphobic traveller: check her instagram account!

Visit Greece, 2017

Fly like an eagle

Wish I were young again! Morocco...

The life of a woman, one of the WOW uTubes...

\International women's day 2017 ( a Nike commercial)

The Brussels Airlines extra smile

Little island, and the guy who lived on it for 40 years

Greek skies: amazing time lapse!

Coming home for Christmas

John Lewis Christmas advert 2016

George Clooney and his new grilfriend

Every country in the world

Malcolm Brook: automata

H&M. Art or advertisement?


Palaio Faliro 4ever...

First landing in Santa Helena!

Pink-sourcing: what do you think?

Come on America, save the Jydy Denchy ones!

Papa loves mambo...

Kinetic sculptures, by Anthony Howe

Qui sème le vent recolte la tempête: Brexit come true!

Can a robot do your job? Are you ready to become a robot to compete with them?

Ich bin Grieche

It can wait...

Wintergatan marble machine: who needs an orchestra?...

Another use for your iPad!

Kuil, the one eyed surfer cat!

Athens, 1961

What to do with an empty room and a dog!

The biggest wave ever sufred (somewhere in Nazaré, Portugal I guess)

MAN made shit...

Bored orangotan finds magic trick hilarius...

Contrex thirsty

Paddle boarding with whales

String art

Budweiser, for buddies...

Light up a candle, I'll bring some gum...

An amazing quartett, Salut salon!

Hearing colours!

Colour blind man sees colours for the first time

Monkey business...

Greece's future in the EU

Meet your former lover 30 after, after fame and some craziness have taken their toll

Colour sound!

Dean Potter, flying with his dog. RIP...

Watch until the end...

The FEMEN with the confetti is also hot

Die Anstalt, on the Greek crisis

Doritos and palm oil: bGood luck to us all...

V for Varoufakis, but no Victory in the horizon....

Greek yogurt: a light traizn on white skin

Happy Valentine 2015!

And don't forget your glasses!

Touch me: what would you do?

Surfing in Siberia: no comments...

Worst place to be a pilot: can't stop thinking about it...

Stephen Hawking, the king!

Diesel Jogg Jeans: I like it!

Stop the traffik (watch until the end)

Eine kleine Nachtmusilk, big boobs: Art is everywhere...

Learn Greek dances with Lucy and Miss Piggy!

The bookbook of IKEA: from my frequent recent outings there...

Different traffic lights

" Do the planet a favor: leave" (leaving with my Lonely Planet T shirt)

Whose land is this?

Neymar misses the rest of Mundial

La nouvelle pub de Perrier: il n y a pas de bonne taille!

What an iPad can do!

Evian hits again

Know what "plopegg" means? Then watch this egghibionist artist

Cyprien: Les pubs versus la vie

Have a nice flight! Lateral tailwinds in Duesseldorf

A wet towel in space... what happens? (useless info...)

Unbelievable bus shelter, London (Pepsi advertisement)

It's not porn: judge for yourself

British Airways ad: Good travels in 2014!

The blue Santa Claus: Merry Chrismas 2013/14!

Kaka juggling with two balls

Van Damme doing spagat on Volvo trucks under Enya music: a weird ad...

2013: The year the International men's day coincided with the International toilet day

Jetman over Rio: mon royaume pour un tour!

Aerial footage: Kastro, Sifnos

Beep beep dies!


The-end-of-the-world prank: stay cool...

Base jumping on Zakynthos island

Before midnight: part of a trilogy(+Before sunrise+ Before sunset)

Minas Gerais: saudades...

Deforestation in Indonesia: the disheartening death of a chimpanzee. Very sad.

Parenting: rap your sorrows out

Sunscreen: probably the best lyrics ever. To all my friends

Buy your father an iPad!

Hair tutorial

Food art

Sand dancer

Harlem shake, Norwegian army version

Welcome to motherhood: FIAT cinquecento

You don't really want what you think you desire: Slavoj Žižek, the Slovenian philosopher

Le slip français

Gangnam style, Air Malta publicity

Les papoutes (têtes à claques)

Portugal's turn: crisis unravelling in Portugal

Les perles du bac 2012

Are you ready for so much pleasure?

El Rey del Mambo y la Reina de Saba

Truck river has a saint!

Crete and the crisis: still worth travelling to Greece!

La Habanera (from the Muppets)

How to get a job in Greece (no subtitles, unfortunately)

Mother's day...


THE SMALLEST WAIST IN THE WORLD.: In a corset for 22yeas, 24/7: Don't try this at home...

ADD DRAMA! In a quiet Flemish square where nothing happened before, or after the spot...



THE RYAN AIR SIDE: A remarkable presentation of a charismatic entrepreneur, telling half the truth

JINGLE BOMBS: Ahmed the dead terrorist

MOUSE vs Mouse: What does not kill us makes us stronger!

LUNGA: Don't try this at home!




CEBU AIRLINES featuring LADY GAGA (Safety demonstration)

bonus: The CEBU AIRLINES stylized version!

BOOMERANG interview: presenter can't help laughing