the beginning of a beautiful friendship  















Puff, the magic dragon: over the trees

Puff, the magic dragon, spitting fire

Puff, the magic dragon, prepares to land

Buena Vista Social Club 1

Buena Vista Social Club 2 (Cuba 2009)

Buena Vista Social Club 3 (Cuba 2009)

Buena Vista Social Club 4 (Cuba 2009)

La casa del Tango 1 (Cuba 2009)

La casa del Tango 2 (Cuba 2009)

Tropicana 1 (Cuba 2009)

Tropicana 2 (Cuba 2009)

Tropicana 3 (Cuba 2009)

Hydroplane take-off over 3 Cities, Valletta, Malta

Hydroplane, west of Gozo

Hydroplane over Comino, Blue Lagoon

Hydroplane, west of Gozo (Xlendi etc.)

Helicopter landing, Manhattan NY

Heli above Midtown, Manhattan NY

Heli above Empire State Building, Manhattan NY

Heli above Manhattan, NY

Speeding @ 140 @ Oman, Wahiba

Down the dune @ Wahiba

Dune top riding @ Oman

I like your camera! @ Oman

Running in the desert @ Oman

Parapente @ France

Wheel ride @ Costa Rica, 90km/h

Chanteurs ambulants @ France 

Rough landing @ San José, Costa Rica

Take-off from @ Puerto Jiménez, Costa Rica

Smooth landing @ Golfito, Costa Rica

Take-off from Quepos @ Costa Rica

Miraflores docks @ Panama