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Life's a beach, and then you dive


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There is probably no other place on the atlas that represents the global, archetypal lazy holidays more colorfully than the Caribbean. If Carl Gustav Jung could afford a trip to some Caribbean beach, he would have probably skipped on archetypes and myths, would have married a local girl and lived happily ever after. Just think of Gauguin, Van Gogh, or Marlon Brando: none of them a model of blissfulness, but who would you prefer to hang out with?

Caribbean beaches are the best in the world. I had a doubt until this trip, but none remains after visiting just a few of them jaw-dropping,
pristine paradises. Moreover, people are gentle, food is very good, prices are, hmmm, more or less OK, and the goyava juice a climax.

On the other hand, travelling to the Caribbean comes with certain handicaps. First of all, history has not much to provide, except maybe what has to do with slavery: slavery museums and monuments, mainly. There are no great museums to visit, or antiquities, ruins, due to lack of resources and far-going history. This is compensated of course by a significant number of rum distilleries, banana museums and sugarcane plantations, but if you are in for a deeper cultural experience, rather head to Paris, Greece, or Asia. We come to the Caribbean to scorch on the beach, eat and drink and swim and give pleasure to our eye and body, as opposed to admiring sad Dutch women in the Rijksmuseum or meandering among the remains of Angkor Wat among one million Chinese. Think of the lack of history as the price of being here!

Another downside of travelling in the Caribbean is that Sharing your pictures on Facebook will not make you any new friends, and probably will cause your Friends list to shrink a bit. What do you want, having (or pretending to have) a ball and showing it –the quintessence of Facebook- has its limits, and they end when you start having more fun than them.

Enjoy the pics!