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Laos and Cambodia: mine your step!




Asia is addictive.
You only need to travel once, and chances are you will want to go back soon. And there are plenty of reasons to do so. The good weather, the smiling, dignified people, the temples, the scenery and the food. The water, everywhere… And it so came as a natural consequence that after visiting a big part of Southern Asia I had to visit the two remaining dragons. Small ones, and probably not more dangerous than Shrek, but still dragons: Laos and Cambodia.
Laos and Cambodia, along with Vietnam, are the countries most bombarded in the world. Megatons of explosives have burned people and country in a manner hard to grasp, if we think that this happened in an bygone era (last century) when mass destruction was much harder to cause. Moreover, Cambodia suffered under the heavy, lethal hand of the Khmer regime under Pol Pot and auto-annihilated itself, killing more than one quarter of its already not huge population. Had Vietnam not invaded and overthrown the regime, the Khmer population (Cambodians) would have eaten itself to the bone…

So there you go, this is my itinerary and I hope you enjoy the pics!

Click on the links on the column left. There is a slideshow and a postcards presentation for almost every destination. The slideshow has comments. Photos are not always the same on the two files.

And if you are in a hurry, this is the bestofbestof: a summary of my best pics from this trip.