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Brazil: what does not kill us makes us stronger


Latin America has always had a very particular significance for me. It is the continent in which I learned to travel. Latin America is an integral part of me, reminding me of my younger years, and therefore bearing a particularly attractive scent. These were the glorious years when carrying a heavy rucksack was exercise. When sleeping in dubious places meant adventure and meeting really weird people was cool, an experience.

Thank God rucksacks have wheels nowadays, and I can afford clean sheets (if there are any in town -read Gouveia for details), because I can't stand weird people anymore. I've met more than my share of barefoot people during low cost, third world airlines' flights, on planes without seat belts, people telling me that if you draw a line vertically and one horizontally over Brasil they will cross exactly in Macchu Picchu (!) and this is some sort of divine sign, or people that I would swear are dirty underneath and carry a guitar only to seduce women.

I know, this is a lousy introduction to Brasil. But the thing is, I always considered Brasil a country, a culture apart. From Latin America, that is. And I vowed that one day I would go back, on a one-country trip and explore it as it deserves: Apart.

It would seem that this particular “one day” came in 2013.

The first half of the trip was dedicated to Minas Gerais, and its' historical towns:

Starting from Lagoa Santa near Belo Horizonte, then driving to Diamantina, ensuite driving to Serro through Sao Gonçalo, then through Gouveia to Ouro Preto, through Mina da Passagem to Mariana, and finally to Tiradentes and São João del Rei

In the next step of the trip I flew to Salvador de Bahia, then to Rio de Janeiro, and finally drove to Paraty.

Finally, these are some Useful tips for Brazil, as I would have wanted to find them before I travelled.

Shall we go?







Welcome to Brazil and have a nice holiday!