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There is probably a million reasons for (re)visiting Venice; one for every tourist among  the one-million-crowd squeezing themselves in Venice on a daily basis, taking the same picture as you, preferably blocking your view with a selfie stick.
But today, a new reason seems to have been added to put Venice in your bucket list: practising your Chinese. In other words, apart from exquisite architecture, art everywhere, gondolas and crystal and espressos, you can add Chinese restaurant menus in the visual experience.
The city is simply invaded by Chinese.

But Venice is of course much more. It is walking around in an open air museum, feeling permeated by water (and pitiless humidity), nauseated by smells (water, and pitiless humidity…), taking magnificent pictures even if you are a photo-illiterate, picking a vaporetto going anywhere (avoid the one going to San Michele though, it is a cemetery…), marvelling at the thousand and one museums, all of them more than worth a visit (preferably bring a stool for the queuing), the opera, the Guggenheim, sipping your coffee at just 7 euros at Florian's, walking in the maze to a restaurant while you are hungry and Google maps does not respond because it can't communicate with the sky in the narrow calles  (or was it the fog?), and yet, feel in a sense as if you'd done your duty: Venice is like your mother; she deserves your attention and respect; you love her, no matter how much she weighs on you.

Last but not least, a very valid (unfortunately) reason to visit Venice yesterday is, you may count among the last zillion people  who will be able to walk on solid soil through the palazzos' backstreets, before the sea level rises and Venice becomes a sepia postcard, together with the Maldives, which I must not forget to visit when I win the lottery.
But don't be put off by a grumpy old man. Just go, and even if you do exactly the same things as everyone else does (it is very hard to escape the masses in Venice, unless as George Clooney you own your own palazzo on the Canal), you will be rewarded. Remember to book early enough your own (almost) private opera performance, and if you feel really, really fed up by the people head to Burano or, even better, to Torcello island and feel you are in another planet. Then, at the end of the day, come back to Campo Santa Catarina for a huge Aperol among young people and understand that you are in a dream place that you are about to miss the moment you get in your return flight (especially if this is a Ryanair flight).

I highly recommend Al Vecio Marangon for a very, very cosy evening dinner in this tiny restaurant, although I may have been influenced by the candles and the mirror... Apart from that, everything you consume (food, drinks, souvenirs) around Piazza San Marco is about to be a total rip-off, and of lesser quality as well. And the crystal in Murano is nowadays mostly made in China, bought by Chinese to bring back to China, making them in that sense victims of their own device.