Certain things never change. Or get better with time. Like good wine.
Malta does produce wine as well, but this is not why you would visit it. The reason I do is the constancy of the things I can expect: simplicity, mainly.

But naturally, there's more than this to it. There is always a feast somewhere in Malta, always a marriage being celebrated on a scenic spot, always a local saint having his day, always fireworks somewhere, and the island is so small that you just cannot miss them, or the illuminated church domes for that matter, as you move around: they (Mosta, for example)  are enormous, especially for such a small island. Being small makes us sometimes want to act huge.

Then there is eating. It's hard not to eat good in Malta. Fish, Mediterranean pastas, rabbit, pies…

And of course, wandering. Mdina must be the most beautiful fortress city in the world. Walking there in the night is definitely my best moment to cherish the silence, the clear sky, the lights in front of the mansions, the Cathedral and the red British telephone booths! Before heading to M'garr, where nothing has happened since World War II, when people had to take shelter underneath the surface in what has nowadays become a museum. And where the Mondial football cup must have been the event of the 4 last years. Valletta, the best port ever built by man, with the help of God of course: a fjord-like formation that makes a secure port and one of the most romantic sights ever. Enjoy it from  the Upper Barakka gardens during the day. I always do. And there is always fresh paint on the railings when I lean on them for a stable shot….

Last but not least, don't forget to take an old bus going anywhere: there are not that many places where you can do that nowadays. Not only many  buses are exotic, real British old-timers, but you can never wander too far either! Malta is so small you can't possibly spend more than 30 mn on a bus. Another reason for this being that a significant number of Maltese bus drivers actually wanted to be Formula 1 drivers when they were kids.

Choose a moment off-season. A good hat, a sunscreen, and visit the Gordina café, on Republic Street, to sip double espressos and taste unhealthy, fatty sort-of-cheese pies with a peculiar orthography, but absolutely worth their calories...


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