In a hurry? THE BEST OF (Galleries) Vietnam: The land of the smiling people , The places, or

THE BEST OF (Slideshows) Vietnam: The land of the smiling people, The places

Saigon, aka Ho Chi Minh City, or Ho Chi Minh Ville, HCMC or HCMV...

Cai Rang, the river market (le marché flottant)

The Cai Son and My Tho islands

Hanoi, aka Thang Long

La baie de Ha Long

Bat Trang, le village de la céramique

Sampan-ing in Tam Coc: the Tam Coc incident and the Tam Coc pics. See what the Lonely Planet says about that, read an article on TIME (14/03/11) on Tam Coc.

Hoi An before and after sunset

Hue, the city and the surroundings (on bike)

The water puppets (les marionettes sur l'eau)

Le temple de Caodaïsme: what is it, and the pics

FILMS (place your cursor on the image for controls)

Baie terrestre: inundating the rice field, the old way

Baie terrestre: on the bike

Bat Trang: the lady painting the jars with engobe. You might think Kim is speaking Vietnamese, but it's French! Understanding him was sometimes close to impossible.

Bat Trang: painting the jar on the wheel

Bat Trang: le labo de céramique

Bat Trang: on the bike, in the tiny streets

Bat Trang: a funeral

What is this lady selling? Well, she is selling toads! "Very good, plenty of calcium", dixit Kim...

At Cua Dai village, on the bike

Baie de l'Halong: film 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Watching the traffic near Hoan Kiem lake, in Ha Noi

In the Ha Noi old market

Marché flottant de Cai Rang 1, 2

Ballade en bateau, in Hoi An

Tam Coc, ballade en bateau: listen to that voice!!!

Marionettes sur l'eau: 1, 2, 3

Saigon, in the Majestic hotel roof garden, on the riverside

Looking for the Thanh Hoan japanese bridge, in the rice fields

Looking for the Thanh Hoan japanese bridge, the shy girls that brought me there

Looking for the Thanh Hoan japanese bridge, on the bike through the village

Now, this is amazing: I was at an almost empty restaurant, when this fight started. Startled, I managed to capture these scenes with my camera hidden...Hidden film 1, hidden film 2...