Not so long ago the strangest thing happened to me.

A cleaning lady sneaked in my office, surfed the Council's Intranet and, triggered by a posting in Atrium (not included in the Episodes), wrote this amazing real story about the origins of the man on the statue, until then unknown to the public.

Sadly, before she could complete her story, she was discovered by the Atrium's Webmaster and, for reasons that do not belong to the Multikulti web-ethics, her Postings were deleted.

I had obviously no idea that a practically toothless cleaning lady was using my PC and was taken much by surprise when one day my phone rang and a voice with a thick accent asked to speak to M. TermRota03, under the name of which her postings were published. "You must be mistaken", I answered, taking a George Clooney air. "The name is Bond. James Bond." You see, at first I thought it was some kind of joke. But the voice persisted and, trying to protect my ear from the rather piercing accent of someone using just one tooth to articulate, I agreed to help her tell, or rather write her story, “the real and only one”, by hosting her in my page.

Next morning I found on my desk a small packet, wrapped up as a gift. I opened it up. In it was a roll of toilet paper of the best quality. In every single piece of it was written :

Thank you!

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