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Why, or why not?

Many go there to get married on the beach; live happily ever after, and of course share their selfies so that we know.
Others go just for the selfies.
But you might consider visiting the Seychelles just for the sunsets. The most beautiful I have ever seen... They are so different. First you get the pinkie usual colors, usually with an island in the background, and beautiful clouds that make everything so much more dramatic, as if the sky was going to explode (an orgasm about to happen would be another way to describe it…). But if you persevere after a while you get sort of a second, bonus sunset. The sky lights up once more as if God had set fire on the clouds. Everything becomes orange for a while, almost artificially so (selfie time!). Swimming at this hour of the day has been the highlight of this trip. Watching the sunset and the crescent moon in the water. What a blessing…

Life is a beach

There is not much more to do than that in Seychelles. Even in the Capital of Mahé Victoria, half a day is more than enough. There is hardly a restaurant around, which is hard to believe, and some places indicated in your guide may have shut down after covid. So take a pic of the Tour d´ horloge (a miniature of the one on Vauxhall bridge in London) and return to the beach. Watch the Russian beauties with lip-filling take selfies, have a super expensive cocktail and consider yourself lucky that this place exists and you can travel there.


Seychelles may geographically belong to Africa and have the same currency (only in name) with India, the rupee, but prices are slightly different: it is one of the most expensive places to travel to, and you may need to ask for a higher spending limit from your bank before you visit. Paying with a card is for these reasons much easier, unless you love carrying buckets of money with you. But do not lose account, and have an idea of how much you are paying.
Some examples: a meal for two will set you back around 100-150 € (in 2022), and some times it will not even be worth them. Cars are expensive to hire and follow a peculiar insurance system: count between 60-130 € (2022), depending on the company and the insurance.


On the wrong side of the road. Roads are very narrow and you cannot take your eyes of the road. Cars are practically all same category and the question is not which car you will get, but what color your KIA Picanto will be. Yet in many occasions you will not regret this choice, given the width and the state of the roads. Book well in advance, and prepare for queues at the airport, and generally every time you have to ask for something: bank, hotel, car rental agency…


Adaptor needed. Ex British colony…


Painful to nerve wracking.
You may consider buying a local SIM card (on sale at the airport). For data, but also for calls! You WILL need to make calls (to book restaurants for example), and using your own SIM card will have you bankrupt before sunset time: around 8,5 euros for just one Mb (!!!) of data (meaning around 20 euros to share just one pic) and 2,5 euros for one minute of calling. And yet, 4G is not everywhere to be found and even when you get coverage, it can horrendously slow.


Theoretically Créole. But practically you will get local food only on street or beach canteens, that are much cheaper and often offer excellent food and a local environment. For the rest, a lot of Italian, Indian and Chinese restaurants. You need to book. Check if a service fee is included on your bill (mostly yes, and generously so) and don't over-tip. You will at some point have a fresh coconut, mango etc. juice on some beach. It is definitely not a bargain (often 10€ for a coconut juice), and many ways are used to make it unpleasant: the seller may pretend he does not have enough change, or offer one more juice to not give you back the change. The more famous the beach (i.e. Anse Lazio), the more you should bring your own.

Entry requirements

Many. You need to get a visa. You can only apply for it 3 days before your entry. In other words, you need to pay basically for everything before knowing if you are even going to be allowed in the country. And you will have to declare and prove a shelter for every night of your stay. You need to be OK with your vaccinations, and send your plane tickets (the country needs to know you will be leaving at some point…). All dates and data and facts will be thoroughly checked. You also need to send a recent selfie (apart from the pic on your passport), so be patient and consider this just the beginning (of a series of beautiful selfies when on the spot). Of course, you need to pay also a small fee for this spotless service. Yet if you happen to organize the trip, it is a hassle and a puzzle at the same time.


English, French and Créole are spoken. Reading Créole road signs can be very amusing.
The heat is relentless. You will need Hat, Sunscreen and Water all the time!
Distances may be nominally small, but practically require a much longer time of travelling.
There is very little space for cycling (except at La Digue, where bike is the main means of transport). The roads are mostly very steep and drivers do not expect to counter bikers on them.
The same goes for walking. No pavements. People just walk on the road, so be careful.



These are three videos I particularly like on Seychelles. Enjoy the magic of the place! 

(This one is my best...)


Relaxing music, but must watch on YouTube

Nice aerials... Did not take mine, and sure regret it!